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A Research Library Is An Indispensable Part And Gift To Filmmaking! - Lillian Michelson

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The new Lillian Michelson Research Library will be a center for fostering creative ideas and offering visual solutions for the realization of motion picture, television and new media production. A long time ago, in Hollywood, Studio Libraries were responsible for collecting books, periodicals, photographs, and every manner of visual material used by the studio’s Production Designers, Art Directors, Costume Designers, Set Decorators and Prop Masters. The Studio Libraries are all gone, leaving only the Michelson Research Library to fill the void. Inspired by Lillian’s legacy and dedication to service, the Michelson Library will preserve and share her unique and historic film, television, and entertainment materials.

The need for a reimagined and globally dynamic cinematic research library service is now more critical than ever; the Michelson Library is the answer. The new Michelson Library will be native to the digital age and serve our global production workspace.

If we fail to meet this extremely time-sensitive challenge, all of the Michelson Library’s visual and intellectual materials spanning the past 200 years, will be gone. The majority of the visual materials were consequential to the rise and golden periods of Hollywood’s motion picture industry – all will be lost if nothing is done and soon.

The Time Is Now!

We cannot save this Hollywood Treasure without your support.

Step 1

Raise funds to insure for the current storage of the library while planning begins

Step 2

A user survey and feasibility study will be commissioned to create a long-term plan

Step 3

Engage an information technology partner to create a public online library

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