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The Michelson Library will apply for a nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in 2020. While the Library is a beneficiary of The Film Collaborative's fiscal sponsorship, it will use a portion of its donated funds in order to provide financial continuity to cover the Library’s on-going storage rental costs.

In tandem, the Library will proceed with a robust social and electronic media fundraising effort in order to secure the critical support of sponsors and partners with the capacity to give. With the guidance of a professional fundraising consultant all relevant grants, private endowments, and equity partnerships will all be identified and pursued.

The Michelson Library is a start-up enterprise and at this point we have no paid staff as we are surviving through financial gifts with no other sources for capitalization. For the immediate future all our efforts and management supervision will continue to be pro-bono.

The first and most critical step is to secure and maintain Financial Support for Library's current storage space in Sun Valley, California. Once storage costs are secured a comprehensive user survey and feasibility study will be conducted. In short order this study will be followed by the creation of an essential strategic plan and the securing of equity partnerships and an essential digital information technology provider. At all points we will endeavor to identify possible donors, grants, and media partners with the capacity to give.

To build a creative community facility where we can preserve and make easily accessible all essential historic cinema research materials that have been abandoned by the industry and rejected by our leading cultural, educational, and media institutions. The need is now for the creation of this dynamic and media-centric cinematic research library and service, one that is designed and engineered to meet the workflow requirements of the digital age and the 24/7 demands of the national and global motion picture production workspace.


  • FRIENDS OF LILLIAN / TEAM LILLIAN Please join us by giving!

  • Lillian Michelson (Research Librarian, Library Founder) 

  • Thomas A. Walsh (Production Designer) 

  • Daniel Raim (Documentary Filmmaker, Producer)

  • Marc Wanamaker (Founder, Bison Archives)

  • Illumination Arts Family (Chris Meledandri, Lia Abbate)

  • Annika Hylmö Ph.D. (Educator, Screenwriter, Producer)

  • Weissman/Markowitz Communications (Rick Markovitz, Cheri Warner) 

  • Teri D’Ovidio (Filmmaker, Producer)

  • Tommy Warren (Producer, Filmmaker, Developer)

  • Sharon Lee (Producer)

  • Judy Thomason (Producer)

  • Marc Wanamaker (Archivist, Founder/Owner Bison Archives)

  • P. Ross Dempsey (Filmmaker, Producer)

  • Colleen Camp (Producer, Philanthropist, Actress)

  • Barbara Hall (Research Librarian, Archivist) 

  • Sandra Aguilar (Shoah Foundation, Former Director USC/Warner Archives) 

  • Mary Ann Maggie Anderson (Founder Warner Research Library, Archivist)

  • Melinda Sue Gordon (Still Photographer, AMPAS Photo Collection Advisor)

  • Libby Woolems (Art Director, founder ACME Directory for Film & TV Production)

A Research Library allows Filmmakers to make their stories as good as they can be and as perfect as they should be. - Lillian Michelson 

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